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  • Border 1.0

    Now you can easily make beautiful frames and borders by using handy software utility Border. It has user friendly interface that supports over 170
  • Scarab Border 1

    Scarab Border 1 is known as an advanced ans simple to use TTF character to help you change the appearance of your papers. All you need to do is
  • Fading Border 1.0

    Surrounds an image with a fading Border -ideal for web PaGE developement, creating images fading into the background -developed: WinXP, VisualC++6
  • Border Patrol 1.0

    You are a pilot of a Jet F 16. You set off on a daily patrol. Suddenly at the territory, which you control, there appear the objects of an enemy.
  • TIFF Border Remover 1.0

    You can use TIFF Border Remover for automatically removing the TIFF files borders. It can be used for both single and multipage TIFF files.
  • IngeneaSoft Border Control 1.0

    Border Control is a free Solid Edge utility that automates the task of replacing background sheets in your Solid Edge draft files.You may need to
  • GREED - Black Border

    "GREED - Black Border" is a science-fiction-themed Hack???n???Slash game for the PC. It offers three entirely different character classes to choose
  • GREED: Black Border 1.0

    GREED: Black Border
  • Border Collies Screen Saver 1.1

    Border Collies screen saver features an image slideshow of over 20 pictures of these adorable
  • Recipes From South of the Border Ebook Only

    Among the world's great cuisines, the foods of Mexico stand out in their diversity. Rooted in a history of ancient Indian civilizations, inspired by
  • Greed: Black Border Trailer HD 1.0

    Greed: Black Border Trailer
  • GREED - Black Border Screenshots 1.0

    GREED - Black Border screenshot
  • GREED - Black Border Patch 1.0

    Update your game to version 1.3 with: bugfix and improved performance: now recompile with Feb 2010 DirectX SDK and VS 2010
  • Add Shadow Border To Multiple Images Software 7.0

    Add drop shadows to many image files to give them a 3D
  • Recipes From South of the Border, Mexican Cuisine

    Now you can enjoy the many, unique flavors of Mexican food in your own home. With Recipes From South Of The Border you will find the finest
  • PiP - Picture in Picture-Video-for Mac OSX and Linux 0.8

    Note: This addon only works with Linux and MacOSX - it uses certain Firefox functions not yet available with Windows. As soon as the bug for Windows,
  • PiP - Picture in Picture for Mac OSX and Linux 0.8

    Note: This addon only works with Linux and MacOSX - it uses certain Firefox functions not yet available with Windows. As soon as the bug for
  • Picture of the Day 2.0

    Do you have a favorite "Pic of the Day" site, such as the many sites that display a "Pet of the Day", "Cartoon of the Day", "Babe of the Day" or a
  • Picture Ace 2.5.8

    Don't want to enter a file name every time you save a picture? Want to save all pictures on a web page without clicking every picture? Picture Ace is
  • Picture To Go 1.5.6

    Picture To Go is a free graphics utility that will save you both time and effort. Search for pictures quickly on your computer. Find just the right
  • e-Picture Pro 4.0

    e-Picture Pro 4.0 combines world-renowned graphic design, page layout and vector animation tools with a host of new features and capabilities
  • Picture Man 4.0

    Get complete image processing and composition functionality with full support of 48-bit color mode in layers and all filters. It features automatic
  • BS Picture 4.2.2360.1000

    BS Picture is a handy image Viewer that includes all the features necessary not only to display any image but also to convert or edit.The program
  • Picture to PDF 1.0

    Are you legal professionals and seeking for a marvelous utility to make your evidence (images, graphics, photos, pictures, snapshot etc) in PDF format
  • Pi Picture (PHP) 1.0

    Small script to generate an image from the digits of

    - Sonnenfoto DES Tages - Es zeigt event. vorhandene Sonnenflecke. Mit Verzweigungsmoeglichkeit zur NASA
  • AD Picture Viewer 3.9.1

    AD Picture Viewer supports all famous graphic formats and use with Windows platform. It let you catalogue, organize, print and view your images
  • Picture Page 4.0

    A fast, easy-to-use program to select digital photos, write descriptions of them, and quickly create graphical web pages for publication on office
  • Picture Caller ID 2.0.1

    Picture Caller ID identifies callers before you answer the phone. Call Blocking enables effective telemarketer call block by cutting off black-listed
  • Picture Viewer Max 7.9

    Picture Viewer Max will Find, Display, Edit, Print, Organize, and E-Mail Images and Pictures. You can also find and play multimedia files, including
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  • Easy JPEG Printer 2.0

    Easy JPEG Printer makes it simple to print 4" x 6" , 3" x 5" or 8" by 10" pictures on one sheet of paper. Easy JPEG Printer also supports digital camera and picture Information stored in JPEG files. You can instantly
  • VXEI picture uploader 3.22

    VXEI picture uploader batch edits and uploads images very easy and fast. You will never have to worry where and how store and publish your pictures again. Main features of VXEI picture uploader: * Batch upload.
  • RainbowButton 1.50.0015

    Finally, a button control that can meet the needs of any developer! Ever wanted to put your button's picture somewhere other than at the top of the control? VB's CommandButton would never be able to do it, but this one
  • Photo N-Gine 1.1

    Photo N-Gine enables you to give a new life to your photo. You should be able to import any picture present on your disk (the most usefull graphics file formats are supported) or scan new one. Then with only some
  • Swing Borders 1.0b

    A set of custom borders for your Java Swing applications - including animated colours, a 3d-effect shadowed border and a pictureFrame border.
  • Photo Finesse 2.03

    With the help of a tool named Photo Finesse, you can create pictures accurately and easily. You can zoom any area within picture and set the standard size of resultant picture. After cropping or zooming, you can drag
  • SpecialButton ActiveX 1.0

    SpecialButton ActiveX Replace the standard Windows button in your applications and games with this low-cost ActiveX control! Add many more effects, such as : - colors (button , border, caption, shadow) - pictures
  • PixelPerfect 2004 0.2

    This is a nice small picture viewer with futures like; picture resolution, physical dimension, filename, FileSize, change picture size to Stretch Image, Auto Size, Center Image, Normal Size, change border style to Fixed
  • El Jay Icon Maker 0.6.3

    We created a new tool to Resize Images down below 100x100 for use as an icon on livejournal. Currently you can crop your image down add text and a border. In the future we will be adding more border options and image
  • Photoscramble 2.0

    New and improved version of Photoscramble, a shuffle puzzle with custom picture (any *.BMP or *.JPG), any grid size, with optional tilenumbers, grid, border, time and moves display and a zoom
  • eChineseChessboard 2006.07.15

    This is an implementation of a web-based electronic Chinese Chess board written in Java. A number of customizable parameters are available, including main panel / button / glass / line / border colors, cell size, border
  • XUEBROTHERS PhotoCutter 3.3

    XUEBROTHERS PhotoCutter is a handy tool for cutting pictures. Standard Photo Prints Cutting Select a Crop Box: The [Crop Box Type] button has a drop-down menu, which displays different standard Photo Print sizes,
  • MWStyleForm 1.0

    A component to design your program formular under Delphi.Features:- Captionbar can be displayed left- Text of caption bar can be display with shaodw or border - You can define a backgroundpicture for Caption, border
  • Capture Master 1.1

    Capture Master is a simple but powerful screen capture device. Is consist of to parts; one main form and one red border. With the red border you select area to be captured. A small, useful and free application if you
  • EasyFrame 2.4.2

    Whether it is for emailing or posting on your blog, adding a border or edge effect can dramatically enhance the appeal of a picture. Like all our software, EasyFrame is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It lets you
  • Auction Picture FX 1.9.1

    With Auction picture FX, you can now create pictures with a highlighted border so that it will appear more prominently without having to pay any extra fees. You can also insert a copyright notice or any text label right
  • Living Picture Maker Web Edition

    Living picture Maker is a revolutionary new application that can bring any photograph or picture to life! All you need to create a new Living picture is a picture and the sound that you want the picture to speak back
  • cs_mexicali 1.0

    Background: Counter-Terrorist forces have gathered behind the small mexican border town of Mexicali. Terrorists are planning to smuggle counterfeit money over the border. Counter-Terrorists: Rescue all hostages.
  • eChessboard 2006.07.15

    This is an implementation of a web-based electronic Chess board written in Java. A number of customizable parameters are available, including main panel / button / cell / border colors, cell size, border width,
  • GOGO Picture Viewer ActiveX Control 4.92

    GOGO picture Viewer ActiveX OCX is a powerful ActiveX control, which is intended for work with image data.You can view and save images of different formats include Bmp,Gif,Jpeg,Jpg,Png, Tif,Tiff and multipaged Tiff
  • Amazing Circles 2.2

    Creates an "Amazing Circle" from any image (or selection from an image); based on the Amazing Circle technique, transforming it using distortion by its polar coordinates. There are other automated scripts and online
  • STOIK Stitch Creator 4

    STOIK stitch creator turns your picture into cross-stitch. One can convert any photograph or picture into a cross stitch pattern and can also create cross stitch pattern in just 3 steps. To convert a picture into cross
  • flower4 hands 01

    Do it by your hands. Aiusas campaign for the Do it by your hands. Aiusas campaign for the rights of children. Ensuring medical, psychological, social, spiritual support to all children with lifethreatening conditions
  • Picture Ads Creator 1.0

    Quickly create stuning picture ads. picture Ads Creator is a software tool that allows you to create and manage your picture ads for your web page. You can install picture ads scripts to as many web sites as you want
  • TAdvComboBox

    Enhanced combobox with: * flat style * borderless combobox display * etched or simple flat combo dropdown button * focus border, focus border color, focus color * attached label This product is also available in
  • PopupAlert 2.02.0086

    PopupAlert 2 allows you to display popup alerts Similar to those used in Microsoft Windows Messenger and Office 2003, using a variety of different styles. Two components are included in the Library, a class and a
  • Best Picture Organizer 3.61

    Best picture Organizer - is an easiest way to Organize pictures. Get pictures organized with the best picture organizer. Organize pictures, automatically organize pictures and organize picture files with the best picture
  • ICQ6 Picture Changer 1.0.3

    ICQ6 picture Changer removes the advertising banners from the message windows and the contatc list of your ICQ 6. The banner under the contact list can be replaced by an own picture. You can change this picture at will.
  • Jama 3D plug-in 1.70

    Jama 3D is the simplest way to create corrugated and cellular like patterns from 2D images. You can easily make various bricks and herring bone textures. Sequenced filtering produces bizarre unreal deformations of the
  • Video to Picture 5.3

    Video to picture Video to picture is a Video to picture converter and video capture software. Export picture from popular video formats, you can extract picture list, can also extract separate pictures. Video to GIF